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Sunset at Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz, California

View from Pippin Hill Farm in North Garden, Virginia

Summer in Taiwan with Daisy

Sunset view from Jiufen Sunset view from Jiufen

Light reflections in Keelung Light reflections in Keelung

Boats at Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf Boats at Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf

At Portland International Airport

Dessa at Mississippi Studios in Portland, Oregon

Previously: Crowd Control – Dessa in Brooklyn, New York

A message to our Portland host

His last night visiting Portland, Steven drew the above cartoon at the house we were staying. An artistic gesture of gratitude: A lone Cactus-Boy, thanking our host, Sonia.

The only problem: Cactus-Boy’s glum facial expression could be misinterpreted. We certainly didn’t want Sonia to misunderstand or think we were weirdos.

Luckily, a simple annotation 100% fixed the potential weirdo vibe:

In hindsight we realized Cactus-Boy looks a bit sad. But that’s only because no one will give him a hug. We had a great time! Please don’t let Cactus-Boy’s sad face distract from that! He’s just lonely, and blowing up that heart balloon was probably really hard…

Seriously, we had an amazing time — So thanks!

That ought to clear things up and completely dissuade her from thinking we’re weirdos. Crisis averted. Problem solved. Mission accomplished.

Because for real, we had fun. Honestly.    :(

View of New York skyline and fireworks from New Jersey

Taiwan in panoramas

Morning bike ride along a view of Bali

Walking on the boardwalk at Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf

View from Taipei 101, the tallest building in the world from 2004 to 2010

Taking a (short) break from eating everything at Tamsui

Sunset view of Keelung from Jiufen

View of Taipei from Maokong mountains

Waisanding sandbar

Daisy and her relatives debate mahjong rules

Waisanding sandbar with Daisy and her family

Daisy with her mother and sister Daisy with her mother and sister

Daisy’s sister on a boat, heading to the sandbar Daisy’s sister on a boat, heading to the sandbar

Animals from my trip to Taiwan

Panda at Taipei Zoo Panda at Taipei Zoo

Daisy feeding koi Daisy feeding koi

Found a cicada shell while biking Found a cicada shell while biking

Eastern blue-tongued skink Eastern blue-tongued skink

Wandering around Tamsui waterfront

Daisy in an apartment stairway in Taiwan

Just landed at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Previously: March march, a New Orleans wedding and Mississippi River, a view from French Quarter.

My first time in New Orleans! I tried to visit back in October, but couldn’t fit it in my schedule. But I’m really glad I got the opportunity now. The laid-back attitude is infectious and reminiscent of Portland — Exactly what I needed after a few months in New York City. I hope to find myself wandering those streets again.

Treme Brass Band Treme Brass Band

Magazine Street Magazine Street

Piazza d’Italia Piazza d’Italia

Bubbles on Royal Street Bubbles on Royal Street

Audubon Insectarium Audubon Insectarium

Train near Mississippi River Train near Mississippi River

Crawfish boil at French Market Crawfish boil at French Market