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Daisy with her mother and sister on New Year’s Day in Crozet, Virginia

Daisy and Amy in southeast Portland, Oregon

Searching for shark teeth and fossils at Purse State Park in Marbury, Maryland

Daisy in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Chris is always working. Except when he’s sleeping or eating cookies.

— Daisy’s 10-year-old sister

  • Jill: accurate, except I've rarely seen you sleep
  • Me: Sleeping cuts into my cookie eating time.

Dragon tote bag illustration by Daisy

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Fossilized crocodilian bones illustration by Daisy

Representing the hometown Campbell, CA (408) in Portland, OR (503)

Three years behind schedule, I finally moved back to Portland.

Huge thanks to Justin, Heather, Dorinda & Zack. Without their help, there’s no way Daisy and I could have organized this move from across the country in between travel and work. Glad to be back in your fine company.

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Daisy at Monterey State Beach in Sand City, California

Monterey Bay Aquarium with Daisy

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Daisy at Point Lobos near Carmel, California

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Daisy at Asilomar Beach in Pacific Grove, California

Asilomar Beach in Pacific Grove, California

Evening walk at Vasona Lake County Park in Los Gatos, California

With Daisy at Chris & Rene’s wedding