A message to our Portland host

His last night visiting Portland, Steven drew the above cartoon at the house we were staying. An artistic gesture of gratitude: A lone Cactus-Boy, thanking our host, Sonia.

The only problem: Cactus-Boy’s glum facial expression could be misinterpreted. We certainly didn’t want Sonia to misunderstand or think we were weirdos.

Luckily, a simple annotation 100% fixed the potential weirdo vibe:

In hindsight we realized Cactus-Boy looks a bit sad. But that’s only because no one will give him a hug. We had a great time! Please don’t let Cactus-Boy’s sad face distract from that! He’s just lonely, and blowing up that heart balloon was probably really hard…

Seriously, we had an amazing time — So thanks!

That ought to clear things up and completely dissuade her from thinking we’re weirdos. Crisis averted. Problem solved. Mission accomplished.

Because for real, we had fun. Honestly.    :(