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“The world needs needs Roads & Kingdoms. It needs this book.”

— Anthony Bourdain

In 2012, I helped launch Roads & Kingdoms. The rest of the team did all the hard work: they published the best food/travel/culture writing, they won awards to back up that statement, they brought on Anthony Bourdain as a partner and investor, and now they’re releasing their first book with HarperCollins.

I’m still trying to figure out how the hell Douglas Hughmanick found the time to design every stunning page of this book — in between buying a house, having his first child and growing a successful design agency. Doug, whatever unholy scheme you’re taking part in to obtain unlimited energy… I want in.

Hand-drawn lettering, in progress.

Weekend audio editing.

Coming this summer: Relaunching a little something from 2006 with President Wishnack, collaborator on all things since high school.

Previously: Stealing from myself

Many times, I see designers get credit that should go to the photographer. “Try to fool them, but I’m familiar with the process.”

After browsing around Good Fucking Design Advice

Bought this.
Bought this.
Got this. (I approve)

My mom’s gonna ground me for sure. Thanks a lot, guys!

I just signed a contract using Comic Sans for my signature. That’s how we do it in the big leagues.

  • Justin: tell them you want to add a revision, then rainbows and lens flare.
  • William: Very unprofessional.
  • Chris:‎^ Shout out to William who has to deliver that contract to his HR department. Sorry.
  • William: Hah, I had to be like, “Thats his signature! WHAT!?’

It’s not what you look at that matters. It’s what you see.

— Henry David Thoreau