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  • Chris: They were doing trivia at the bar downstairs.
  • Chris: I knew you were here in spirit, yelling at all participants.
  • Amanda: I am a trivia task master
  • Amanda: I am there to WIN
  • Chris: do your teammates get a little punishment if you lose?
  • Amanda: no, but that’s a good idea
  • Amanda: thank you
  • Amanda: I think if you also put small cubes of butternut squash in it
  • Amanda: it would be like, crazy delicious fall salad for all times
  • Chris: I didn’t know what butternut squash was 3 years ago. Now I need it in all things.
  • [excruciatingly long pause…]
  • Chris: not sexually
  • Amanda: of all the vegetables one could potentially fuck, a roasted butternut squash is probably not a bad choice. no judgement.

Previously: Face!

  • Amanda: you know what I bought myself for my birthday? A $125 face oil
  • Amanda: I keep telling people because I want reassurance that’s not the most selfish thing ever
  • Chris: You don’t get a face like mine without understanding $125 face oil
  • [enormous pause…]
  • Chris: … I didn’t know there could be uncomfortable silence online. Thanks.
  • Chris: I know more about types of salmon than marriage
  • Amanda: out of context quote of the day

Compared to this moment 11 months ago...

  • Amanda: is it hailing/sleeting then or snowing?
  • Chris: i‘m from california. hail, sleet, snow, whatever. ICE son

Happy hour at Clyde Common in downtown Portland

Amanda enjoys her beverage from a tiny cup

Had an amazing time yesterday catching up with Caleb, who found his way to Portland for the first time.

During a 12 hour wandering tour of downtown, we got ourselves some coffee (Cloud Seven Cafe), lunch (Kenny & Zuke’s Deli) and drinks (Clyde Common, Bailey’s Tap Room, Portland City Grill and Life of Riley) while accumulating a posse, one straggler at a time. In order of appearance: Justin, Amanda, Jackie, Zack, Dorinda, Corey and Mary.

Now to share some out of context quotes for entertainment purposes only…

“I had no idea I was not going back to work today.”

— Justin

“I have a rule about prostitutes”

— Amanda

“Fuckin dubstepper stole it.”

— Jackie

“Pretty much everyone who gets their dick cut off deserves it.”

— Dorinda

“For my hipster statement of the day, I’d like to say…”

— Justin

“We are the 1%.”

— Justin

“It looks like a wet shit in a glass.”

— Amanda

“I already drank an entire pint of Santorum. DRINK IT!”

— Amanda