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Just got Franny Choi’s new chapbook, Death by Sex Machine

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Sarah Kay featuring at Page Meets Stage in Lower East Side, New York

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Urbana Poetry Slam Finals in East Village, New York

Omar Holmon Omar Holmon

Olivia Gatwood Olivia Gatwood

Jeanann Verlee Jeanann Verlee

Crystal Valentine Crystal Valentine

Elizag Elizag

Taylor Mali Taylor Mali

Jared Singer Jared Singer

Urbana Poetry Slam in East Village, New York

Olivia Gatwood Olivia Gatwood

Omar Holmon Omar Holmon

Franny Choi featuring at Urbana Poetry Slam in East Village, New York

Always fun seeing one of my favorite poets perform.
Also fun: picking up her new book, Floating, Brilliant, Gone.

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Poem from The Year of No Mistakes by Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz

This book was my flight companion from New York to San Francisco. Highly recommended.

Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye at The Public Theater in New York

Performing a duet poem at Sarah Kay’s No Matter the Wreckage book release.

Photos taken in New York City, mostly at Urbana & louderARTS

Lemon Andersen at El Museuo del Barrio

Sarah Kay

Olivia Gatwood

Thuli Zuma

Catalina Ferro

Karen Grace

Alex Ustach

Aaron Samuels

Franny Choi

Corrina Bain

Ingamar Ramirez

Lemon Andersen at his Straightrazor book launch in Fort Greene, Brooklyn

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Lemon Andersen at Nuyorican Poets Cafe in East Village, New York City

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Hannah judges Urbana Diva Slam 2013 in Lower East Side, NY

Saw some amazing spoken word poetry at Urbana Diva Slam, where ladies battled to see who’d represent at the 2013 Women of the World Poetry Slam in March.

I was introduced to poets I should have been following all along: Catalina Ferro, who’s quickly becoming one of my favorites and Thuli Zuma, who took the win Tuesday night. The appearance by Taylor Mali was a wonderful surprise, as well.

Need to do this again. And again. And again.

(Thanks for coming, Daisy & Hannah!)

I am 9-years-old for the rest of my life.
I am Thanksgiving: At the movies.
I am Christmas Eve: Drunk.
I am Mother’s Day: “Don’t fucking talk to me!”
I am orphan.

Catalina Ferro in her spoken word poem, “Orphan

Watch me make love — to hard work ethics
Cause game without ambition is game never respected

— Lemon Andersen in his poem, “Watch Me