Sakura along the Meguro River in Tokyo, Japan

着きましたよ! Let’s get it.

Fisher in Aptos, California

Soccer practice in Aptos, California

It’s been a while since I shot any photos. Back on the search for them gradients.

Learning Japanese.

Finally, we’re getting to the useful phrases.

Just got Franny Choi’s new chapbook, Death by Sex Machine

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I think we spent 3 weeks trying to get drum sounds. Which is indulgent. But sometimes you need to be indulged.

— Bruce Springsteen talking about creating Born To Run in the documentary The Defiant Ones

View of Seattle, Washington from the ferry

Smoky skies in Portland, Oregon from the Eagle Creek Fire

Steven in Portland, Oregon

Justin in Portland, Oregon

Justin melting lard in the fryer for some hot chicken in Portland, Oregon

That’s the way you spell success.

A first: Got to the airport, there was no one in line when I checked my bag and no one in line for security. From the curb to my gate in 5 minutes. I should gamble on something tonight, I’m way up.

Seacliff State Beach in Aptos, California

A wave caught me after I shot this and I took water up to my pockets. I had to buy a drink that night with wet cash cause of this photo.

19th Ave, Santa Cruz, California

The smoked pork shoulder waiting game. Santa Cruz, California.

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