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19th Ave, Santa Cruz, California

The smoked pork shoulder waiting game. Santa Cruz, California.

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Pizza night in Santa Cruz, California

After a long week of work, Will relaxes by preparing 6 pizza doughs and baking all Friday night. He relaxes even further the next morning with a 6AM wake up call to start smoking an 8-pound pork shoulder.

Twin Lakes Beach in Santa Cruz, California

Catching sunset at the beach while Will makes 8 pizzas. We all gotta do our part.

Argh the rain. Forgive me, but it’s easier to stay home and work in Portland because I don’t feel like I’m missing any giant events. In New York I might be tempted to go out every night and sleep all day [...]

— Chuck Palahniuk in his Ask Me Anything reddit interview

My buddy Will Duncan — who used to live in Portland — messaged me with similar thoughts a few months back: “Work is easier when you live in a place with shitty weather, this perfect everyday Santa Cruz shit is killing me.”

Speaking as a kid from the Bay Area, a former Portland resident and a current Brooklyn wanderer who works from home: I concur.

Previously: Rainy night

The work I’ve had to turn down would make a better resume than anything I dreamed of when I started freelancing 9 years ago. We on.

  • Will: make a shell company and farm it out under a false identity. Tyler Durden level shit.
  • Chris: Haha, when brainstorming company names in 2003, Paper Street Soap Company was on the list. But 5,219 people and their moms beat me to it.

Will, me & bourbon

His version of my donut disaster. Dug this up after seeing his “Chris Rhee pose” photo yesterday.

Mary, Will, Tatyana & myself with Corey’s shirt as the backdrop

From January 2012 @ Beulahland. After Corey & Mary’s recent departure, I’m now the only one from these photos still in Portland. The last man standing. Keeping the dream alive is a lofty but lonely pursuit…

“My Chris Rhee pose” —Will Duncan

You’ve trained well.