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  • Trinket: Am I... Am I in your way?
  • Me: Uh... [sigh] ...No, it's fine.

Previously: Cat & mouse

Trinket claiming his chair in the home office

Trinket’s first time outside in San Jose, California

Trinket tries to steal a piece of string

Trinket, the blanket hog

Working from home with Daisy & Trinket

“On Mondays, I never go to work…”

New mouse pad is Trinket-approved

Previously: Behind closed doors

At the home office — I’m attempting to accomplish life’s most important work. No distractions allowed. No blogging. No tweeting. No hipster hats. Kanye-style.

The door is closed.

A single fuck, the cat gives not.

It’s 3AM and Trinket is tired