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I went from the favorite
To the most hated

But would you rather be underpaid or overrated?

— Jay-Z (“So Appalled”)

Some profile photos from a popular social network…






Inside joke + Too much free time = This.

A complete set of photos with an explanation (perhaps) will be coming in a few weeks… I’m waiting for everyone to get their package and send me a photo. Credit goes to JLee for creating the shirts and doing all the work. And Tonedeff gets the blame for starting this whole thing.

Also: Merry Christmas, everyone!

  • Daisy: Dear everybody... I need a sweet sweet distraction from life’s obligations. Tell me what to draw and I’ll make a quick little doodle for you.
  • Chris: A man wearing an exceptionally tailored herringbone suit, riding on top of a perplexed grizzly bear.

I wish I could tell you
it gets better. But…
It doesn’t get better.
You get better.

— Joan Rivers in an episode of Louie

Also known as: My first post. In three parts.


My name is my name.

— Marlo Stanfield in The Wire

  • Most people call me Chris Rhee in casual conversation. Rather than just plain Chris… I haven’t quite figured out why.
  • Girls call me Christopher to try to be cute. Sometimes it works.
  • Everyone mentions that “Mr. Rhee” sounds like “mystery”
  • Among a group of friends, I have a catchphrase that’s constantly shouted at me: “I’m Chris Rhee, bitch!” But I’ve never said it before. Ever. Pretty sure my friend Jill came up with it.


If we talk for too long, I’ll forget how we started. Next time I see you, I’m not gonna remember this conversation [...] I’ve told you this before, haven’t I?

— Leonard Shelby in Memento

My perception of passed time has gone to shit.

When I preface anecdotes with, “The other day”, I basically mean any point between yesterday and the beginning of all time.

When I preface anecdotes with, “When I was 8”, I still mean any point between yesterday and the beginning of all time.

The other day, I wanted to create a personal website to capture, collect and catalogue memories, events, interests and inspiration. With its help, I hope to gain a better perspective of what was going on in my life when I was 8.


The key to staying on top of things, is treat everything like it’s your first project. Like it’s your first day, like back when you was an intern [...] Just stay hungry.

— Notorious B.I.G.

Soon, I’ll be 26 years old. I started making websites when I was 13. That’s half my life. And it all started with a (s)crappy personal website with no particular theme, plan, rhyme or reason.

Before I worked for a design agency, or startups, small businesses and multi-billion dollar corporations — I had nothing but a small, unknown place on the internet to play and experiment.

There was no audience. No one to please. Just me, hacking away until the sun came up.

I want that back.