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A charming concept and tidy execution from designer Chris Rhee. Lose track of time for a bit exploring at Openings.

— Khoi Vinh, former design director at New York Times Online

Simple. Elegant. Engaging.

— David Beard, director of digital content at Washington Post

A subtly brilliant site that we got completely sucked into.

— Adobe Typekit Blog (“Sites We Like”)

Openings is a collection of first lines from books, movies, songs, poems and articles. Updated multiple times each week. Discover something new or re-experience a first line for the second time.

Crazy Trick is a quiz that helps you answer an important life question: Can you tell a clickbait headline apart from a spam mail subject? The answer will shock you and irreversibly ruin your life forever.

It’s real simple, it’s exactly what it sounds like and it’s kinda fun to play with. And it’s uh… It’s a little depressing.

— MetaFilter Podcast, Episode 97

I hate this. Thank you for making it.

— Jason Lee

Found Haiku discovers and shares inadvertent haikus in movies, television, customer reviews, terms of service pages, Wikipedia, legal documents, internet comments, and any other text I can get my hands on.

Logical, pleasant, hip design with a juicy sidebar that thinks outside the blog.

— Design ICU

Cut & Taste is a food blog that I write with friends. Featured on The Huffington Post and 3 times on Smashing Magazine, including their most popular post of the year, Web Design Trends For 2009.

Damn, Cut & Taste looks totally sick. Wasn’t the last design fucking awesome too?

— @flyosity

Neat Focus is where friends and I design interfaces, build websites & craft user experiences. We’ve worked with small businesses, bootstrapped teams, VC-funded startups and Fortune 500 corporations.

QN5 is an indie record label. Played on MTV, BET, ESPN, VH1. Mentioned in Rolling Stone, NY Times, Spin, XXL, The Source. Millions of plays on and YouTube. 100% independent. In 2008, I redid QN5’s website, making it more community-focused, connecting artists & fans.

Featured twice on Smashing Magazine: Website Archives Design: Good Practices and Examples + Horizontal Navigation Menus: Trends, Patterns, and Best Practices. And many other design showcases, including: 25 Beautiful Comment Designs (Vandelay Design) and 40 Excellent Blog Designs (Six Revisions).

It is truly stunning. Visually appealing, clean, very functional and easy to navigate. QN5 constantly leads the way for other record labels, and not just musically. This is a huge brag.

— pej

All indie labels, the new is now your new goal. Beautiful design + community focus.

— @quangt

This is a really sharp looking site design, it’s pixel perfect in it’s details and looks really polished. This site has a ton of content and it’s all packed into a nice sleek design.


Megafans 2011 is a blog written by QN5 fans who traveled to New York for the 6th annual Megashow concert. 33 fans from 15 states and 7 countries met up, explored the city and shared stories, photos and videos from their trip.