• Mark Harris: So, to extend your baseball analogy, was The West Wing your home run?
  • Aaron Sorkin: Solid double.
  • Mark Harris: Really? Just halfway home?
  • Aaron Sorkin: A solid double’s good! Listen, I love series television for many reasons, but the one downside is, if I’m writing a movie or a play and I’m not writing well, I call the studio or the producer and say, “It’s gonna be late. I’ve run into trouble, you’ll have to wait another month or two.” You can’t do that when you’re writing a television series. You have to write when you’re not writing well. I wrote 88 episodes of The West Wing. One of them is going to be your 88th best. And I’m not good enough for my 88th best to be very good.

— From an interview with Aaron Sorkin

So he’s a little hard on himself.
(“You know who isn’t hard on themselves? Amateurs.”)