20 years. Self-employed. Still.

Things feel impossible before they happen. A teenager’s procrastination can become a career. With workdays spent filling up notebooks and wearing down gear across a couple countries. A surreal routine, going on 20 summers.

But I almost never started.

Even now, I sometimes imagine leaving it all behind. The truth is I’ve nearly talked myself out of experiencing every good thing that ever happened to me. New people, new places, new projects, new languages.

For me, new beginnings are a challenge. Until there’s momentum, everything’s a drag. And new possibilities, unrealized, are fragile. Excuses come easy and stifle aspirations.

It feels safe when things stay the same. It can be comforting to rely on routines. To say you’ll do it later and wait for a better time that never comes. To indulge in the idea that you’d succeed if only you tried. To live the life of least resistance.

But everything you find familiar now, started as something you did for the first time.

On my better days, I try to remember: A new routine is just on the other side of what’s comfortable now. And with some luck, something extraordinary can become your ordinary.

So let’s start something.


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