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@vickysecret: Cheated on my 2-day juice detox with a couple vegan marshmallows. Woops.

  • Chris: I think there’s a vegan pirate strip club here. I’ll take you to all the hot spots.
  • Victoria: Oh, shit. I’ll bring the marshmallows!
  • Chris: Are you vegan?
  • Victoria: Not at all. Those vegans just make a mean marshmallow.
  • Chris: I’ll have to try one. One pound. A day. Forever.
  • Victoria: I wouldn’t even judge you. I promise.

If you didn’t know, Victoria is my favorite half-Korean half-white tattooed girl to have insult-matches with.

  • Victoria: You should write a book. About me. I’d read it.
  • Chris: There once was a girl who never dated anyone. Forever. The end.
  • Victoria: That’s the whole book?
  • Chris: Ungrateful broads.
  • Victoria: Is that the title?
  • Chris: <3