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In Bernal Heights with Jill

Yesterday: Calm San Francisco morning, vibing to “Water” by Peter Anthony Red. Self-taught on the piano & can’t read music? Could’ve fooled me.

Back home, wearing suspenders. Because it’s ever-so-slightly more convenient than unpacking the belts from my luggage.

Landed in Portland. Starving. First stop: East Side Deli.

... Doh.

Decided to delay my flight back to Portland...


Dropped my phone in 3 countries today. With no case. Still going strong.

I guess she got tired of being mocked on the site

Update (Nov 30):

And she poked my fucking eye this morning. Someone help me.

New York in August. Photo taken by JLee. My tie matching the background is not intentional — it’s just awesome.

Not bad for a kid who thought he’d never leave Campbell, CA.


New York

New Jersey