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Will, me & bourbon

His version of my donut disaster. Dug this up after seeing his “Chris Rhee pose” photo yesterday.

Mary, Will, Tatyana & myself with Corey’s shirt as the backdrop

From January 2012 @ Beulahland. After Corey & Mary’s recent departure, I’m now the only one from these photos still in Portland. The last man standing. Keeping the dream alive is a lofty but lonely pursuit…

Tatyana sent me a screenshot of her waiting for me to connect on FaceTime…

(She’s probably the only person who has me down as ‘Christopher‘ in her address book.)

  • Tatyana: Work on the speed.
  • Chris: Ha. I accepted, it just didn’t connect.
  • Chris: Work on your battery. It’s pitiful.
  • Chris: Irresponsible negligence to let it get that low.
  • Chris: Careless insouciance! This tells me a great deal about your overall character and attitude towards life. I’m rethinking many things.
  • Tatyana: It went down from all the texting, fool. Also the photos. How many did I send… Stop hating, you hater.

I guess she got tired of being mocked on the site

Update (Nov 30):

And she poked my fucking eye this morning. Someone help me.

  • Chris: I have a memory foam mattress
  • Tatyana: You have the SHIT mattress
  • Chris: Shit mattress? You don’t know anything. You’re lucky you’re cute.
  • Tatyana: I meant it in a good way!

Previously: An English lesson for my Bulgarian friend

  • Tatyana: who are not afraid to raise a kid while growing up!
  • Tatyana: rise? raise?
  • Chris: raising a kid is normal
  • Chris: rising a kid is a crime