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Lunch with Sara and Daisy at Puerto Viejo in Brooklyn, NY

Sara visits Brooklyn, NY and hangs out after hours for her birthday

Throwback chat from exactly one year ago

  • Sara: I’m sick. Sound like a man
  • Chris: An effeminate man, old man or burly cigar smoking man?
  • Sara: Cigar
  • Chris: If you said one of the others I could’ve said “Close, but no cigar.” This potentially droll moment ruined by You.

Sara drove down to New York!

My childhood friend, 18 years and counting. Since the days of, “Wanna play?” Before ubiquitous phones, when she announced her arrival by throwing pebbles at my bedroom window. When she’d come over in the morning and torture me awake so we could carpool to class.

Elementary school recess. Punch buggy bruises. 7-11 candy. Super Nintendo babysat. Four square, tag and tanbark.

18 years and it still feels like we end our playtime too soon.

Previously: Old bachelor & spinster

We’re old! You’re a creepy, old bachelor and I’m a spinster.

Sara calls me on Christmas. In my defense and to my detriment, my being a creepy bachelor has nothing to do with my age.

Not bad for a kid who thought he’d never leave Campbell, CA.


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