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Some people go to the movies to be reminded that everything’s okay. I don’t make those kinds of movies. That, to me, is a lie. Everything’s not okay.

— David Fincher in a 2007 interview with Esquire

But the skill I picked up in school that turned out to be the most valuable was learning how to take a punch. We had these insane critiques where we’d trash each other viciously. […] It was an art form in itself. We were basically trying to see if we could get each other to drop out of school.

— Mike Monteiro talks about design & business in an interview

Who in hell ever respected Shelley, Whitman, Poe, O. Henry, Verlaine, Swinburne, Villon, Shakespeare ect when they were alive. Shelley + Swinburne were fired from college; Verlaine + O Henry were in jail. The rest were drunkards or wasters and told generally by the merchants and petty politicians and jitney messiahs of their day that real people wouldn’t stand it. And the merchants and messiahs, the shrewd + the dull, are dust — and the others live on.

— F. Scott Fitzgerald responds to hate mail

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We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it’s forever.

—Carl Sagan in Cosmos

If you don’t understand the business of your art then it is just a hobby.

—Julia Eastwood

  • Charlie: Fix that.
  • MacKenzie: How?
  • Charlie: You put a help wanted ad in the paper for someone who can do your job.
  • MacKenzie: Good. Anything else?
  • Charlie: I just want to know that it didn’t happen.
  • MacKenzie: That’s not easy to do.
  • Charlie: You should include in the ad that applicants need to be able to do hard things.

— From an episode of Newsroom

But as anything that is exciting to people, it will often be co-opted by others who aren’t as disciplined about it and all of a sudden it becomes cliché.

— David Fincher in an interview with Art of the Title

[...] readers should always question the veracity of what they read and the motives of whoever wrote it, and in the internet age more than ever. People who allow themselves to be made credulous by stylish typesetting and a serif font are screwed. And if Wikipedia, while being very informative in most cases, teaches a few lessons about questioning sources, then that’s all to the good.

—David Mitchell in his column, Twitter ye not – I adore Wikipedia

Black and white tux,
ain’t no need for no other colors
Talking ‘bout,
“Why don’t she change her clothes?”
Well they ain’t seem to mind
the last 3 times I posed in Vogue

—Janelle Monáe (“Tightrope” Wondamix)

Argh the rain. Forgive me, but it’s easier to stay home and work in Portland because I don’t feel like I’m missing any giant events. In New York I might be tempted to go out every night and sleep all day [...]

— Chuck Palahniuk in his Ask Me Anything reddit interview

My buddy Will Duncan — who used to live in Portland — messaged me with similar thoughts a few months back: “Work is easier when you live in a place with shitty weather, this perfect everyday Santa Cruz shit is killing me.”

Speaking as a kid from the Bay Area, a former Portland resident and a current Brooklyn wanderer who works from home: I concur.

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Yeah, he gets two times the views I get
But he took my style, so dude’s my kid.
You sent me a message saying I influenced you —
This is true life shit.
So if I win, you lose. But if I lose… I win.

— Ness Lee in a rap battle vs Shotty Horroh

If I could go back and talk to my younger self, I’d say don’t worry about anything. In the future, you invent a time machine.

— Jimmy Carr

I did what you won’t
Men lie. Women lie. Numbers don’t.
Ain’t nothing changed for me ‘cept the year it is
I think have to send you a reminder, here it is

— Jay-Z (“Reminder”)

  • In my early 20’s, I was a well-adjusted [1], salary-earning citizen. That lasted less than a year.
  • Last week marks 5 years since I quit. It’s the only job I’ve ever had.
  • Last month marks 10 years since I started a freelance design business at age 17.
  • I started making websites in 1998. It’s now something that’s consumed over half my life. I have no intentions of stopping.

“Whoever thought we’d make it this far, homie?”

[1] Please blindly believe this statement as fact and don’t ask anyone — or a dictionary — for an alternate (and inaccurate) definition of “well-adjusted”.

People who let your old work negatively affect the way they look at your new work do not understand how to approach art and aren’t useful in the critiquing process.

— Olivia Gatwood on writing, sharing, looking back & moving forward

Stable is that step backwards between successful and failing.

— Pete Campbell in an episode of Mad Men (“A Little Kiss”)