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  • Trinket: Am I... Am I in your way?
  • Me: Uh... [sigh] ...No, it's fine.

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Kawehi performs at Doug Fir Lounge in Portland, Oregon

Watch Kawehi in action and get her new album Interaktiv.

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Emily Wells at Doug Fir Lounge in Portland, Oregon

Trinket claiming his chair in the home office

Evening at co-working space in downtown Portland, Oregon

After working with Justin at GitHub’s office. Thanks for letting me steal some desk space!

Representing the hometown Campbell, CA (408) in Portland, OR (503)

Three years behind schedule, I finally moved back to Portland.

Huge thanks to Justin, Heather, Dorinda & Zack. Without their help, there’s no way Daisy and I could have organized this move from across the country in between travel and work. Glad to be back in your fine company.

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Back in time for fall in northeast Portland, Oregon

5 years ago — My visitor contribution to an art exhibit in New York.

No dreams, only goals. Next week I’m going from Taiwan to Hawaii to Portland to New York and back to Portland.

If you need me to disrupt your local housing market with my presence, I’m available for a reasonable fee.

PDX really,
truly is the best airport
in the USA.

—Found haiku in Yelp review of Portland International Airport (source)

I am passionate
about very few things, but
brunch is one of them.

—Found haiku in Yelp review of Tasty n Sons in Portland, Oregon (source)

I was tempted to
ditch the spoon and eat out of
the bowl like a trough.

—Found haiku in Yelp review of Screen Door in Portland, Oregon (source)

And that burger just
happens to be between two
grilled cheese sandwiches.

—Found haiku in Yelp review of Brunch Box in Portland, Oregon (source)

Argh the rain. Forgive me, but it’s easier to stay home and work in Portland because I don’t feel like I’m missing any giant events. In New York I might be tempted to go out every night and sleep all day [...]

— Chuck Palahniuk in his Ask Me Anything reddit interview

My buddy Will Duncan — who used to live in Portland — messaged me with similar thoughts a few months back: “Work is easier when you live in a place with shitty weather, this perfect everyday Santa Cruz shit is killing me.”

Speaking as a kid from the Bay Area, a former Portland resident and a current Brooklyn wanderer who works from home: I concur.

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At Portland International Airport