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Two kids were laughing and playing in the snow. I tried to capture their moment of joy on my phone, but the whole thing looks really sinister in the photo. Which pleases me even more.

Daisy and Amy in southeast Portland, Oregon

Watching election night coverage in northeast Portland

I only take photos of myself when I haven’t slept well.

Exquisite pairing of brut and sour patch kids

Justin takes us to school in Portland, Oregon

Outside Crema Coffee + Bakery in Portland, Oregon

Sidewalk in northeast Portland, Oregon

Grant Park in Portland, Oregon

Future long jump champ in Portland, Oregon

Teaching Daisy’s little sister the dangers of no-limit hold’em poker in Portland, Oregon

Yes, Scrabble tiles are currency.

2AM building evacuation in Portland, Oregon

Zack playing Jenga in Portland, Oregon

Camden taking calls on his toy phone in Portland, Oregon

  • Trinket: Am I... Am I in your way?
  • Me: Uh... [sigh] ...No, it's fine.

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