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Anya Marina at Union Hall in Park Slope, Brooklyn

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The New York Philharmonic, Bryn Terfel & Emma Thompson in Sweeney Todd

Stephen Sondheim joins the cast & orchestra on stage

I was a teen when I watched the 1982 production of Sweeney Todd starring George Hearn and Angela Lansbury on a scratchy VHS. It instantly became one of my favorite musicals.

Years later, I got the concert DVD starring George Hearn and Patti LuPone. Great performances captured with better sound & video quality than before.

The story is packed with visuals. A film version was inevitable. When the movie dropped — directed by Tim Burton, no less — I was beyond excited. I watched it in theater multiple times.

Finally, more than a decade after watching that VHS tape in Drama class, I saw Sweeney Todd live! Opening night. Played by the New York Philharmonic, starring Bryn Terfel and Emma Thompson. An amazing amount of talent took the stage.

It’s fun seeing how different each version is while staying true to the original story and lyrics. They all shine in their own way. I’m looking forward to the next one.

At Nostrand Ave. subway station in Brooklyn, NY

We were not even
using the word flow until
Rakim came along.

—Found haiku in Wikipedia article: Rapping (source)

I’m tripping my balls
off and this video is
not the solution.

—Found haiku in YouTube comment for “Kanye West – Runaway (Extended Video Version) ft. Pusha T” (source)

Black and white tux,
ain’t no need for no other colors
Talking ‘bout,
“Why don’t she change her clothes?”
Well they ain’t seem to mind
the last 3 times I posed in Vogue

—Janelle Monáe (“Tightrope” Wondamix)

Ultimate Rap League battles at The Brooklyn Hangar

Charlie Clips vs Yung Ill

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Dessa at Mississippi Studios in Portland, Oregon

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Yeah, he gets two times the views I get
But he took my style, so dude’s my kid.
You sent me a message saying I influenced you —
This is true life shit.
So if I win, you lose. But if I lose… I win.

— Ness Lee in a rap battle vs Shotty Horroh

I did what you won’t
Men lie. Women lie. Numbers don’t.
Ain’t nothing changed for me ‘cept the year it is
I think have to send you a reminder, here it is

— Jay-Z (“Reminder”)

  • In my early 20’s, I was a well-adjusted [1], salary-earning citizen. That lasted less than a year.
  • Last week marks 5 years since I quit. It’s the only job I’ve ever had.
  • Last month marks 10 years since I started a freelance design business at age 17.
  • I started making websites in 1998. It’s now something that’s consumed over half my life. I have no intentions of stopping.

“Whoever thought we’d make it this far, homie?”

[1] Please blindly believe this statement as fact and don’t ask anyone — or a dictionary — for an alternate (and inaccurate) definition of “well-adjusted”.

Dessa at Union Hall in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Midway through her show in a hot-as-hell packed house, Dessa requests that her fans refrain from catcalling when she takes off her sweater.

Every single person in the sold-out crowd stayed silent.

Anya Marina at Union Hall in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Anya brings her mom on stage Anya brings her mom on stage

Shirt & signed “Felony Flats” CD Shirt & signed “Felony Flats” CD

Ultimate Rap League battles at SOB’s in SoHo, New York City

Shotgun Suge (vs Bill Collector) Shotgun Suge (vs Bill Collector)

Bill Collector (vs Shotgun Suge) Bill Collector (vs Shotgun Suge)

Math Hoffa (vs John John Da Don) Math Hoffa (vs John John Da Don)

John John Da Don (vs Math Hoffa) John John Da Don (vs Math Hoffa)

Karma’s got me fearing life [...]
See, I got demons in my past.
I got daughters on the way.
If the prophecy’s correct,
then the child should have to pay
For the sins of a father,
so I barter my tomorrows
against my yesterdays
In hopes that she’ll be okay.

— Jay-Z (“Beach Chair”)

Never mind what I’ve been through, just look at what I’ve become
All the shit I’ve avoided, what it done for my sons [...]
I sold dope and dropped out of school. Seems it’s all they can see.
They don’t notice none of my family did that since me.
I broke that cycle.

— T.I. (“On Top Of The World”)