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That’s the way you spell success.

A first: Got to the airport, there was no one in line when I checked my bag and no one in line for security. From the curb to my gate in 5 minutes. I should gamble on something tonight, I’m way up.

Seacliff State Beach in Aptos, California

A wave caught me after I shot this and I took water up to my pockets. I had to buy a drink that night with wet cash cause of this photo.

19th Ave, Santa Cruz, California

The smoked pork shoulder waiting game. Santa Cruz, California.

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Pizza night in Santa Cruz, California

After a long week of work, Will relaxes by preparing 6 pizza doughs and baking all Friday night. He relaxes even further the next morning with a 6AM wake up call to start smoking an 8-pound pork shoulder.

Fishers in Seaside, California

19th Ave, Santa Cruz, California

Twin Lakes Beach in Santa Cruz, California

Catching sunset at the beach while Will makes 8 pizzas. We all gotta do our part.

Fire department training in Monterey, California

Heading back after a short business trip to San Jose, California

Morning fog over Vasona Lake in Los Gatos, California

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Working at ANML’s office in Los Gatos, California

Representing the hometown Campbell, CA (408) in Portland, OR (503)

Three years behind schedule, I finally moved back to Portland.

Huge thanks to Justin, Heather, Dorinda & Zack. Without their help, there’s no way Daisy and I could have organized this move from across the country in between travel and work. Glad to be back in your fine company.

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Sunset at Seabright State Beach in Santa Cruz, California

Our last night in California before heading back to Virginia.

Seabright State Beach in Santa Cruz, California