Surfer at Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz, California

From my trip to the Bay Area in February. Previously: Water bird

I can’t wait to get
back to 1985
and my hot girlfriend.

—Found haiku in Amazon customer review of Uranium Ore (source)

View of Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge Park

Finally took a day off from work to enjoy the nice weather in Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights.

Some people go to the movies to be reminded that everything’s okay. I don’t make those kinds of movies. That, to me, is a lie. Everything’s not okay.

— David Fincher in a 2007 interview with Esquire

Everyone likes to
hear stories about people
with lots of money.

—Found haiku in a Hacker News comment for The Richest Rich Are in a Class by Themselves (source)

Poem from The Year of No Mistakes by Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz

This book was my flight companion from New York to San Francisco. Highly recommended.

I say everything
they want to hear, just the way
they want to hear it.

—Found haiku in Sin City (2005)

Brian and William play pool at Atlassian’s San Francisco office

But the skill I picked up in school that turned out to be the most valuable was learning how to take a punch. We had these insane critiques where we’d trash each other viciously. […] It was an art form in itself. We were basically trying to see if we could get each other to drop out of school.

— Mike Monteiro talks about design & business in an interview

Lunch with Jill & William at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco

Working at Atlassian’s office in San Francisco, CA

Can you pretend I
didn’t say any of the
things I’ve said so far?

—Found haiku in Louie (Season 1 Episode 10)

Rebecca’s birthday at Tooker Alley in Brooklyn

Impromptu 3AM birthday interview

[Chris:] What have you learned in the past year?
[Rebecca:] I am much more independent than I knew before. I don’t need anybody in my life to be happy. I am actually in a happy relationship, but I am happy on my own too.

Do you have any advice for 21-year-olds?
Never quit a job until you have another job. If you’re living in New York City, your rent should be [no more than] half of your monthly income. Never move for a relationship. Never be afraid of loving people because of something that happened to you in a past relationship. Losing your ability to love is the worst thing you can lose.

Any more questions, Christopher Rhee?

I’m only good for two questions. Quality, not quantity.

Who in hell ever respected Shelley, Whitman, Poe, O. Henry, Verlaine, Swinburne, Villon, Shakespeare ect when they were alive. Shelley + Swinburne were fired from college; Verlaine + O Henry were in jail. The rest were drunkards or wasters and told generally by the merchants and petty politicians and jitney messiahs of their day that real people wouldn’t stand it. And the merchants and messiahs, the shrewd + the dull, are dust — and the others live on.

— F. Scott Fitzgerald responds to hate mail

Previously: “It’s only ugly because it’s new and you don’t like it”

Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye at The Public Theater in New York

Performing a duet poem at Sarah Kay’s No Matter the Wreckage book release.