Things don’t just flow out of your brain. It’s not like, Hey, I’m brilliant. Show up, paper right here, bam, another banger. No—you sit and you struggle with yourself and you stop cutting your hair. I’m not cutting my hair right now. You stop shaving, like I’m not shaving right now. You remember that you can fail. I’ve failed several times. The fact that everybody else don’t see that don’t give me the right to not see it.

— Ta-Nehisi Coates in an interview with Playboy

Screenshots from my trip to Cuba

Courtney in Havana, Cuba

Shade is in short supply here. Sometimes you have to create your own.

Alexa writing in Havana, Cuba

Journalists at work look abooout 1,000 times cooler than when I’m at work. It’s not fair.

Late night at a wifi park in Havana, Cuba

At 1AM, you can find these guys in the park, playing dominoes and selling wifi access codes.

Football in the street in Havana, Cuba

Kids playing in Havana, Cuba

These kids were barreling down the street, so I was sure the photo would be a blurry mess. But it’s cool, I cashed in all the karma owed from that surprise 7-hour delay during my layover and bam – problem solved.

  • Trinket: Am I... Am I in your way?
  • Me: Uh... [sigh] ...No, it's fine.

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Searching for shark teeth and fossils at Purse State Park in Marbury, Maryland

Searching for shark teeth at Purse State Park in Marbury, Maryland

[Your film budget estimate and the studio’s estimate] are going to be far apart, and there is a negotiation to find your way in the middle, unless you’re David Fincher, OK, who comes in and says $41 million. And the studio will say $30 million, and he’ll say, no, $41 million, and the studio is, like, $35 million. And he said listen, you think I’m negotiating with you. I’m telling you, the price of this movie is $41 million. That’s what it costs to make this movie. I don’t want to make the $40.5 million version of the movie.

— Aaron Sorkin on working with David Fincher in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter

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Jet ski at Purse State Park in Marbury, Maryland

Ina blowing bubbles in Crozet, Virginia

Daisy in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Always comforting to see ©2001 on a crucial part of your bank’s website.