Once again, Daisy’s little sister eloquently illustrates my life with pinpoint accuracy.

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Most days end feeling like you didn’t accomplish anything. And you’re not going to accomplish anything tomorrow. And you’re in big trouble cause you’re really stuck. That’s what most days are like for me. But what’s really happening is that during those frustrating days the thinking is going on, even if it doesn’t much feel like it.

— Aaron Sorkin on his writing process in a video interview with DP/30

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Trinket claiming his chair in the home office

Chris is always working. Except when he’s sleeping or eating cookies.

— Daisy’s 10-year-old sister

  • Jill: accurate, except I've rarely seen you sleep
  • Me: Sleeping cuts into my cookie eating time.

Of the biggest hits of the last 15 years, every one of them looks bad on paper in some way.

— Matthew Weiner, creator of Mad Men, in an interview with Advertising Age

Dragon tote bag illustration by Daisy

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Evening at co-working space in downtown Portland, Oregon

After working with Justin at GitHub’s office. Thanks for letting me steal some desk space!

Ira Glass talks about Terry Gross’ interview style:

There’ve been times when I’ve relistened, just to hear the order of the questions and to figure out what was planned and unplanned. Like a magician sitting in on another guy’s act for two nights so he can figure out the trick, to steal it.

— Ira Glass (Terry Gross and the Art of Opening Up)

Fossilized crocodilian bones illustration by Daisy

Just as food engineers have figured out how to make food hyper-palatable by manipulating fat, salt and sugar, similarly the media has become expert at making irresistible mental stimuli.

— Matthew Crawford (Distraction is a kind of obesity of the mind)

Representing the hometown Campbell, CA (408) in Portland, OR (503)

Three years behind schedule, I finally moved back to Portland.

Huge thanks to Justin, Heather, Dorinda & Zack. Without their help, there’s no way Daisy and I could have organized this move from across the country in between travel and work. Glad to be back in your fine company.

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After the afterparty in East Village, New York

At the Rice, Noodle, Fish book launch in New York

Roads & Kingdoms team from around the world, together in New York

The books

Whiskey from Balvenie

Chef Toshio Matsuno and team from Kyoto’s Tempura Matsu

Photos by Shane Carpenter / ReadyLuck

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Back in time for fall in northeast Portland, Oregon

“The world needs needs Roads & Kingdoms. It needs this book.”

— Anthony Bourdain

In 2012, I helped launch Roads & Kingdoms. The rest of the team did all the hard work: they published the best food/travel/culture writing, they won awards to back up that statement, they brought on Anthony Bourdain as a partner and investor, and now they’re releasing their first book with HarperCollins.

I’m still trying to figure out how the hell Douglas Hughmanick found the time to design every stunning page of this book — in between buying a house, having his first child and growing a successful design agency. Doug, whatever unholy scheme you’re taking part in to obtain unlimited energy… I want in.