What if we went through life assuming that everyone actually was an artist? That everyone had an offering to give? […] What if we could empower everyone to operate out of that place, instead of out of job titles or money or security, even? Imagine a world where everyone gives their truest, most authentic gifts.

— Elle Luna in an interview with The Great Discontent

Outside Crema Coffee + Bakery in Portland, Oregon

Sidewalk in northeast Portland, Oregon

You get no competitive edge from consuming the same stuff everyone else is consuming.

— Derek Sivers on disconnecting and focusing

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Buried under sand in Cannon Beach, Oregon

Daisy’s mother shooting photos in Cannon Beach, Oregon

Digging up wet sand in Cannon Beach, Oregon

I would never have a five-year plan. If I’d stuck to my original five-year plan when I was 18, I would have missed every great thing that ever happened to me.

— Marissa Mayer in an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek

Grant Park in Portland, Oregon

Future long jump champ in Portland, Oregon

Teaching Daisy’s little sister the dangers of no-limit hold’em poker in Portland, Oregon

Yes, Scrabble tiles are currency.

Topped my high score on Crossy Road

Birdman voice: “Put some respeck on my name!”

Nothing’s easy.
Some people just make things look easy.

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2AM building evacuation in Portland, Oregon

I get that a lot. It hurts deep down in the core of my CPU.