[...] we were disagreeing about something. I said to him, “I’m smart enough to know that these ideas are going to be attributed to me whether they’re mine or not. If you come up with a good idea, I want to take credit for it.” I believe that. I mean, I honestly believe if you show me something that I want to take – I will fucking run with it.

— David Fincher in an interview with First Showing

When I was 17, I became a freelance designer & developer. Brief summary of every single day:

Exquisite pairing of brut and sour patch kids

  • Chris: How much was it?
  • Justin: $205 for 4
  • Chris: Cool, I’ll owe you some duckets next time we hang.
  • Justin:
  • Justin: That is not a suitable exchange currency.

(They were Louis C.K. tickets.)

Douglas Hughmanick and Matt Goulding in Gowanus, Brooklyn, New York

Drinks with the ANML and Roads & Kingdoms founders.

By the Roads & Kingdoms office in Dumbo, Brooklyn, New York

The morning after an overnight flight from Portland, Oregon. Not pictured: Me, crushing an egg & bacon everything bagel sandwich at a dangerous speed.

Credibility lasts about two cycles of bad material, and then you’ll probably never get it back. If you let people down, that’s really hard to come back from— harder than climbing from nothing to something, even.

— Louis C.K. in an interview with Pitchfork

Justin takes us to school in Portland, Oregon

From a summary of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

I’ve been decluttering all wrong.

Shout out to this little girl from Japan who rocks the same outfits as me, only way better. When I showed Daisy she said, “I can identify these clothes in your closet!”

via Austin Kleon

What if we went through life assuming that everyone actually was an artist? That everyone had an offering to give? […] What if we could empower everyone to operate out of that place, instead of out of job titles or money or security, even? Imagine a world where everyone gives their truest, most authentic gifts.

— Elle Luna in an interview with The Great Discontent

Outside Crema Coffee + Bakery in Portland, Oregon

Sidewalk in northeast Portland, Oregon

You get no competitive edge from consuming the same stuff everyone else is consuming.

— Derek Sivers on disconnecting and focusing

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